Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Apprentice Valley

Bulk SMS

Effortlessly send anything from a few hundred to a few million SMS’s a month, with our Bulk SMS offering. This service is free, can be accessed from anywhere and requires no installation. You can quickly upload your database and immediately send messages. Also experience the convenience of a calendar option, SMS templates and a bulk SMS inbox to view your SMS replies.

Corporate IM (WeChat, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp for Business)

We take the effort out of registering multiple users onto multiple IM channels. We streamline this process by taking your existing bulk sms data and routing this traffic to all mobile channels. When a user decides to connect with your company on any mobile channel, we us AI capability to assist them through any process.

Reverse Bill Data

With our Reverse Bill Data service, mobile users can access some of your organisation’s online content, apps and data services without impacting their own data bundle. The data usage charge is reverse billed to you. You can now differentiate yourself by letting customers/users enjoy connecting to your content without impacting their own personal data.


Our m-statements are branded in line with your company guidelines and contain relevant staff salary details. Employees can receive salary slips directly from their mobile phones without having to download or install any software; and each payslip fits snugly into any mobile phone screen size. The mobile payslips are also PIN code protected and digitally encrypted.

USSD Service

Our USSD service is a simple text menu that allows users to interact from their handset by selecting options from a menu. USSD is available on all handsets and all networks and is also available while roaming. Our USSD service can be used for various types of menu structures, including: content delivery, request for information, feedback and polls.

Bulk Email

Bulk Email is used to send emails in large quantities. It helps companies replace their ‘flat’ documents with engaging, interactive, secure versions delivered on anything from a laptop to a smartphone.

Bulk Email provides a collection of features that, when applied to bills, provide benefits for both client and the company.
An online Administration portal allows clients to create and schedule their own bulk email for distribution.
Real-time reporting can also be viewed using the online portal.

Bulk Emails are scalable from a simple HTML email to a complex interactive email.
Any information can be integrated and manipulated to be added to the bulk email.
Bulk Emails can be tested in a UAT environment.

Charge To Bill ( Direct Carrier Billing)

Charge to Bill (CTB) is an alternative, simple and safe way to supply digital content to end-users on their mobile phones. The purchase will be added to the end-users monthly mobile bill (post-paid) or deducted from their airtime balance (prepaid).

Electronic Recharge

Our Mobile Recharge API will allow you to reward or incentivise customers or staff with Airtime, Data and other recharge products. Let us know how much you would like to add to your wallet and we will allocate the funds. When you purchase, the money will be deducted from your wallet. You get full control of your budget! This product supports all major networks and providers.